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Family Planning

Meet LiveRights Admin

Feel Trapped?

Feel Alone?

I need advice and assistance with my life choices!

Our Lifestyle Admin can assist you.

Our team has an array of wisdom and opportunities for you to implement for you and your family

Our Goals:

Contractual Obligations Coaching

Teen Pregnancy Coaching

Human Rights Violations Coaching

Religion and Spiritual Freedom

Formation of Family Trust

Child Trust Funds

P.M.A Services

Most of these services are FREE! 

Unless we need to walk you or your family through the process and complete the services for you.

Our association accepts donations of many sorts. Many Members do not have much to give. 

Examples: Donation or Exchange of Products, Services, Bartering, Notes, Bonds, Stamps, Gold, Silver, Copper, Ruby, Garnet, Pearls, IOU 

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Assist with Foreclosure, Mortgage, Bookkeeping, Estate and any volunteer work is needed to finish your agenda.


Your Utility Bills and other financial obligations. We have your remedies. We will administer or help you get to the correct department or agency.

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